Temple of Mars Ultor Claudian Date- Joe Geranio

Temple of Mars Ultor Claudian Date

Temple of Mars Ultor Claudian Date

Dated sometime to Augustus and even Hadrian, I would suggest the article by F. Albertson AJA (1987):  The well-known Roman historical relief depicting a procession of togate figures in front of a Corinthian decastyle building is reexamined. The Claudian date first proposed by Sieveking is accepted on the basis of stylistic affinities with the “Ara Pietatis” and the dress of the lictors represented on the relief. The background structure is identified as an Augustan building, perhaps the Temple of Mars outside the Porta Capena, but definitely not the Hadrianic Temple of Venus and Roma as most scholars have argued. The composition of the pediment of the structure is discussed in the context of the iconographical development in Roman art of the encounter between Mars and Rhea Silvia.
The dating of the relief has been much debated, and I can see why, you have to deal with archeitecture, iconography, portrait study, and hairtsyle on the figures from the relief.   Not to mention the type of dress on the figure, ie; is the clothing early republic?  Augustan, late Julio Claudian.  It would be worth the study.  
Also see:   

On the Temple of Divus “Augustus”
Duncan Fishwick
Vol. 46, No. 3 (Autumn, 1992), pp. 232-255
(article consists of 24 pages)
An Augustan Temple Represented on a Historical Relief Dating to the Time of Claudius
Fred C. Albertson
American Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 91, No. 3 (Jul., 1987), pp. 441-458
(article consists of 18 pages)

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