Julio Claudian Family Members Inscription- Joe Geranio

Julio Claudian Inscription

Julio Claudian Inscription

CIL 06, 40307 = AE 1996, 00246

Imp(eratori) Caisari divi f(ilio) / Augusto / pontifici maximo co(n)s(uli) XI / tribunicia potestat(e) XI // Neroni Claudio divi / Claudii f(ilio) / Germanici Caisaris n(epoti) / Ti(beri) Caisaris Aug(usti) pron(epoti) / divi Augusti abn(epoti) / Caisari Aug(usto) Germanico pont(ifici) / max(imo) trib(unicia) potest(ate) II imp(eratori) co(n)s(uli) // Ti(berio) Claudio Drusi f(ilio) / Caisari Augusto / Germanico pontifici / maximo tribunicia pot(estate) / imp(eratori) co(n)s(uli) II // Iuliae Au[gustae] / Agri[ppinae] / Germanic[i Caesaris f(iliae)] / divi Cla[udi uxori] // Aenatores tubicines liticines cornicines Romani/ Romani


About joegeranio1

Our group studies all aspects of Julio Claudian iconography in coinage and portraits in the round. All for non-profit and educational use only. Joe Geranio Julio Claudian Iconographic Association
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