Caligula Inscription on Wine Barrel- Joe Geranio

Caligula Win Barrel Inscription

Caligula Win Barrel Inscription


Caligula Wine Barrel Inscription


Non coinage objects with Gaius Caliula’s nomen are very rare, I know of a lead pipe at the Nemi Museum.
In 40, the emperor Caligula visited Fectio when he was travelling to Lugdunum. The remains of a wine barrel from his personal vinyard have been found. Some thirty years later, the fortress was destroyed during the Batavian revolt and rebuilt as base of a cavalry squadron. The river Rhine had already started to silt up, and was later to change its course. Pottery from the kilns of the Twenty-second legion Primigenia at Xanten belongs to this period.


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Our group studies all aspects of Julio Claudian iconography in coinage and portraits in the round. All for non-profit and educational use only. Joe Geranio Julio Claudian Iconographic Association
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