Caligula Inscription on Lead Pipe from Nemi Ship- Joe Geranio

Caligula Pipe with Inscription from Nemi Ship

Caligula Pipe with Inscription from Nemi Ship

Caligula Water Pipe found on Boat Lake Nemi

The Romans produced suction force pumps in all types for all sea and land necessities. One of the archeological discoveries which most contributed to on/ knowledge of Roman metallurgy was the recovery of two ships of lake Nemi… These ships contained lead pipe (in the ship plumbing system), valves, pieces of equipment including a rotating table on ball bearings and several metallic objects made from various alloys of iron, copper and bronze which vary according to their intended use. The lead pipe conforms to the dimensions and norms set in Frontinus’ text… The inscriptions on the lead pipe found on the Nemi ships have done more to date the ships than the masonry trademarks… But the precise dating of the Nemi Ships based on the name of Caligula (37 to 41 A.D.) has been established by the for fstulae found three inside the first ship and the fourth nearby with their seal G. CAESARIS AVG GERMANIC all stamped with the same die (evidenced by the imperfect impression of the C on the various pieces of pipe)… The valve found on board is according to the standards a vicenaria in perfect working condition… The rotating platform found on the Nemi ship establishes that the Romans were acquainted with and used ball-bearings. Bronze bearings fixed in place by pins were positioned around the circumference of the platform at regular intervals to permit the rotary movement scythe load. Photo used with permission from (Photo by Nacleben)


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Our group studies all aspects of Julio Claudian iconography in coinage and portraits in the round. All for non-profit and educational use only. Joe Geranio Julio Claudian Iconographic Association
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