Ara Pietatis Augustae- Julio Claudian Period- Caligulan/Claudian? Joe Geranio

Ara Pietatis Augustae Flamen and Caligula?

Ara Pietatis Augustae Flamen and Caligula?

Julio-Claudian Reliefs from reign of Claudius, 41-54 CE

Reliefs that have been associated with Ara Pietatis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Piety), Campus Martius, Rome; Kleiner, figs. 118-120.
Processional figures in togas, including flamen, to be identified as Silanus, or Caligula reworked as Claudius; Kleiner, fig. 118:

If you look at the figures on the relief center, you will see a individual with the physiognomy of Gaius Caligula on the left and the figure on the right has the physiognomy of the emperor Claudius?  Kleiner mentions a recut from Caligula reworked or recut to Claudius?  If that is Gaius Caligula on the left, does that date this relief to 37-41 A.D.?  Anytime after his murder it would not make any sense, as there was not an official damnatio memoriae, but there sure was an unofficial one.  Just food for thought? 


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